Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Trails Day January 9, 2010

Views from our house a week before Christmas. These pictures are of our backyard.

A gorgeous December sunrise.

Tailgating - Alaska style. These folks are watching people sled down the hill at Hatcher Pass.

It's a family affair. We saw several babies in sleds being pulled behind their parents, and kids on little bitty skis.

We tried cross country skiing and snow shoeing. You can see what a beautiful day it was!

This moose was across the road from where we took oue picture (above).

This video shows some of the activities at the Winter Trails Day at Hatcher Pass. There was cross country skiing and snowshoeing. A local sporting goods store provided all the equipment. The local ski club provided instruction for skiing. They had hot chocolate and cider and snacks for everyone. They also provided warming barrels. But the day was so nice, not many people used them.

This little girl and her mom went down the sledding hill on their tube. About half way down the hill, a girl about 10 years old was stopped in their path, so the mom bailed off the tube so they didn't hit the girl. This little girl in the picture finished the ride by herself. She tried to get off, but she was on her back like a turtleon top of the tube. She was light enough that she really sped down the hill. Fortunately the bottom of the hill went uphill in the other direction, so the tube slowed down and someone was able to catch the runaway tube.