Thursday, January 10, 2008

Northern Lights & Moose at the Front Door!

Well---almost. As I left our house in my car yesterday morning about 10:00, I saw a moose about 100 yards from our house. I was able to get within about 50 yards of it. But I was so excited that I didn't get very good pictures. It wasn't very light out yet and the camera wasn't sure where to focus. The little house with the light on is the pump house for the well in our neighborhood.

When Doug & I walked in this area last week, we followed moose tracks for about 1/2 mile. So we knew there was at least one moose nearby. When I walked to get the mail the day after we spotted the tracks, I sincerely hoped I wouldn't encounter a moose while I was walking alone.

I am sitting in my car at the end of our driveway taking these pictures.

I turned the corner as she went over the hill and watched her come down the hillside a little ways before she walked away from me.

So.....the question for today is: It is now time to get the mail. The mailbox is about 1 mile away. Do I want to continue walking that way to get the mail? Doug assures me that she is more scared of me than I am of her. What do you think?


While I was out shoveling our 2" of light, fluffy snow at 6:30 this morning, I paused for a break at the bottom end of the driveway. There were rays of light shining in the distance behind my neighbor's house. As I scanned the horizon, I saw lots of the lights all around. They were not "dancing", as the Northern Lights sometimes do. But they definitely were the Northern Lights. They moved slowly across the horizon and changed intensity, shape and color. So now we can say we have seen them and will hopefully see more of them in the next few weeks. Maybe they will be bright enough to get some pictures of them to share with you.