Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Portage Glacier - May 25, 2008

We went to Portage Glacier. The Begich Boggs Visitors Center which overlooks Portage Glacier is a great place to visit. It is newly remodeled and has tons of information about earthquakes, avalanches, glaciers, Alaskan wildlife and flowers and much, much more. It is the most complete source of information that we have found under one roof so far. And the video/audio presentation of the info is so interesting. The center is also quite kid-friendly, giving lots of examples and comparisons that children can understand (and therefore, the rest of us can too!)

LOTS of new snow on the route to the glacier!

Portage Glacier

This is a picture of the catamaran that will take you up close to the glacier. You can see how big the glacier is compared to the ship. The ship holds about 200 people. We hope to go back and take a cruise on this ship when their is not new snow on the glacier. It is easier to see the colors and the forms in the glacier without the snow covering.