Thursday, July 31, 2008

Portage Glacier June 2008

We took an hour cruise to the terminus of the Portage Glacier. It is called Portage because it is on a portage route between Prince William Sound and Turnagain Arm. We did not have time to stop at the newly remodeled Begich-Boggs Visitors Center near the glacier. If you come to Alaska, do plan time to stop here. It has tons of information about all kinds of things in Alaska, including wildlife, tides, earthquakes, glaciers and SO much more. The boat took us to the glacier and we floated back and forth in front of it in hopes that we might see some of the ice calve from the glacier. No luck with the glacier calving, but we did see some wildlife on shore and ice floes along the way. We did get an up close look at the blue ice and glacier dust stripes in the glacier.

Waterfall coming out of the rocks.