Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feeding the Birds

The birds have been regular visitors to our bird feeders again this winter since they discovered them. We have had red polls, nuthatches and chickadees. We have also have had a downy woodpecker. It is a very large bird and none of the other birds will come to eat when it is at the feeder. It is a very messy, particular eater. It flips a lot of feed out fo the feeder, so we shoo it away when we see it. One day it caught a red poll on the porch, after the red poll had hit our patio door. When I approached the door, the woodpecker flew away with the unconscious red poll in it's grasp.

The feeder is mounted on the feeder right outside our patio door. I took these pictures from just inside the door. We also have a hanging feeder and a shelf for the squirrels on a tree about 20' from the house. Some days there are 50-60 birds. It is fun to watch them that close.



Chickadee & red poll