Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early Morning Visitor - March 20, 2012

When Doug got up at 6:00 this morning, he looked out the bedroom window and saw this moose resting right outside our back steps. About 30 minutes later, I spotted the calf just below the other bedroom window. He munched on our tree for a minute and then also settled down to rest. It finally got light enough to take some pictures. We tried to be quiet in the house and not turn on many lights so we didn't disturb mama. She and the calf stayed for about two hours.

Moose calf munching on our tree just before he left our yard.

Moose calf going past our family room window, headed for our trees.

Mama getting ready to leave.

We live on a hill. Although that perspective is hard to see in this photo, our yard goes downhill and our trees go to the bottom of the hill. As I was watching the moose, I saw the dog in the neighbor's yard below (just over the back of the moose calf). The dog headed toward our trees at the bottom of the hill. Very shortly I saw the dog turn around and go back home. Good choice, Fido!