Monday, April 29, 2013

Homer Inn and Spa Moose - 4/23/13

We arrived at the Homer Inn and Spa on Tuesday and got checked in.  By 6:00 PM it was still raining an Alaska rain – a very fine mist that you cannot see if you look out the window.  But if you are out in it, you will get soaked.  We decided to go in the hot tub.  After all, that is the reason we booked this place.  We were in about an hour and then returned to our room on second floor to have some cheese and crackers with the complimentary home-brewed blueberry pinot wine that was made by the owners.  We were sitting at the table when we spotted a moose crossing through the yard.  As you can see in the pictures, there is no vegetation in the yard, just rocks and pavers.  The moose passed through very quickly – too quickly for a picture.
We were quite sure that he would not be returning because we have been told that you cannot pattern moose like you can deer – that they do not follow the same trail all the time.  The next evening while we were in the hot tub, I joked to Doug to be sure and tell me if he saw the moose coming, since I had my back to the direction from which he came the night before. It was not 5 minutes after I said that to Doug that he said very quietly; “there’s the moose. He just jumped the yard fence.” We sat very quietly and he passed by us – six feet away from us!  After he passed we realized that we never even heard his feet on the rocks or on the pavers.  Again, no pictures because we did not have the camera with us in the hot tub.

View across the bay the day that we arrived.

View from our balcony. Note that the tree stump to the left of the tall tree is carved to look like a  breaching whale.  If even has a flipper on the side facing us.

The view as the clouds went away.

This couple was enjoying the swing in the Inn's yard, but they had to be all bundled up to enjoy it.  It was only about 45* and the wind was blowing.  
We enjoyed the same view from the hot tub at 104*!

Views from our balcony.  It always seemed to be low tide.  I did hear the waves crashing (high tide) at about 2:00 AM one morning.

Glaciers across the bay.

The moose walked on the pavers right beside the hot tub.

On Wednesday afternoon before our moose/hot tub adventure, we spent some time in the beautiful Homer public library and then drive a long way out East End Road to find the jelly lady so we could buy some of her awesome apple-habenero jelly.  We called her to get directions to her place.  A few minutes after we hung up, she called us back and said, “Since you are coming around lunch time, there is this place along the road to my house that has great food, homemade bread and soups….”.  Only in a small town would you get that kind of neighborliness.