Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Drive With a View - February 12, 2009

These first two pictures were taken at my school site. This is the senior housing next door to the school. This snow accumulated after it had all melted once this winter. It snows between 1/2" and 4" every day.

This is the electrical service box outside the student center at school.

These pictures were taken at I drove back into Wasilla. To get to our house, you just keep driving toward the mountains in this first picture. These are the mountains we can see from our bedroom and kitchen windows. Of course, the view from our house is not quite as majestic as this view.

I also saw Mt. McKinley in my rear view mirror several times on my drive home today. Unfortunately, I can't take a picture in my mirror that would do it justice. You'll just have to wait until it gets light enough in the mornings that I can take pictures when I am driving toward it instead of away from it.