Friday, February 13, 2009

Furry and Feathered Friends

We have been feeding the local creatures this fall and winter. Here are a few shots of our visitors and a couple of videos. The shelf is about three feet outside our patio door and I stand 2-3 feet inside the door to take pictures. The birds don't seem to mind. This is one of the first times the squirrel has been brave enough to come to the porch. Doug usually puts feed on a feeder out on the tree. It was empty, so he had to come a little closer.
This is a large squirrel for here. They don't have the really bushy tails. They are not as large as the squirrels we had in Nebraska.


Red Breasted Nuthatch

I had some really GOOD pictures of them. But unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them. We had lots of them here a month ago. They have not been around lately. These 2 pictures somehow escaped deletion.

We also had a few hairy woodpeckers on our suet, which is hung in the backyard. I'm afraid to report that not even ONE of those pictures escaped me when I went crazy deleting.

I know those of you who know me cannot believe that I would EVER throw anything away, be it physical or virtual trash! :>) I am trying to turn over a new leaf and stay clutter-free and organized. Then something like this happens and it reinforces my fear of throwing things away.


Boreal Chickadee

These birds were pretty shy and did not come in the large numbers that the other species did. It was more difficult to get pictures of them. They tended to feed on what was dropped to the ground by the other birds.


Black Capped Chickadee

We had LOTS of these guys about a month ago. Since the redpolls ( further below) arrived, our chickadee population has decreased. We still see some single ones occasionally. The species of birds do not feed together. So when the redpolls are here, the chickadees stay away.


Common Redpoll

We have had a lot of these in the last month, sometimes 30-40 at a time. They are not shy at all. They really don't seem to mind if we are moving around inside the patio door.