Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Four Wheeler trip to the Knik Glacier - 4/27/13

 On Saturday we took our annual four-wheel trip to the Knik Glacier.   This year we went a week earlier than we usual.  Normally the trail is muddy and/or full of muddy water.  This year, it was full of ice and ice water.  Our “breakup” (when the ice breaks up and melts) is late this year.  This, combined with our earlier trek to the glacier, did not bode well for us.  The prior weekend four wheelers easily made their way all the way to the glacier, because the ice had not melted much on the creeks and streams that you need to cross to reach the glacier terminus. They were even they were driving on the bottom of the glacier itself. We did make a few crossings, but after a couple of machine problems and a couple of our group going in the water up to their waist, our leaders reassessed. They decided that we could probably make it all the way to the glacier, but when the sun came out in full force and melted more ice, returning  safely would be a real gamble.  The problem with the ice this time of year is that it can look solid, but has melted and the river is flowing underneath.  So after a couple of hours we turned around and came back.  So – no photos of us right beside the glacier this year.  :<(

Assembling in the parking lot - ready to go!

 The green vehicle and the red pickup were not part of our group -
 just others who had some misfortune before us.

Our group's leader pausing to decide where to cross

Pioneer Peak

Knik Glacier in the distance (center of photo)

 This four wheeler was directly in front of us.  They hit a hole and sunk two wheels in it.  Doug is in the camouflage coat and tan pants.

Several people in our group had to wenched and pushed out.  That is how others in our group got wet up to their waists - helping others who were stuck.

Knik Glacier

Ride with us ...

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Pam Smith said...

Colleen. . . . We agree. . .. IT IS A MARVELOUS BLESSING TO BE RETIRED!!!! Wonderful pictures! None of the videos "are available at this time", however.
We miss you here in frigid Nebraska! Actually, it is supposed to be in the 50's next week!!!
We leave the 24th, headed to San Antonio and parts West with fifth wheel, two Silverwings and two bicycles. Lots of preparation s!