Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hiking the Butte - 4/28/13

  We finished our “first” week of retirement by hiking up the Butte on Sunday.  It took about an hour to hike to the top.  It takes much less time if you are a canine or 12 years old!  But it was worth the effort.  When you reach the top, you are rewarded with a 360* view of the Chugach Mountains (including Pioneer Peak, the Knik Glacier), Matanuska Peak, Lazy Mountain, the town of Palmer, the Matanuska River, the Knik River, the Reindeer Farm, the Talkeetna Mountains, eagles, planes, cranes, geese and great people who will take your picture.  It was here, as we sat at the top of the Butte watching an eagle soar for miles without ever flapping his wings, that we decided that we were retired folks – and really liked that idea!!   That idea was short-lived, however.  For the next two weeks Doug and I are both doing testing at several Valley schools. 

Enjoy the view from the Butte --

Doug looking toward the Matanuska River

On the left side of the picture you can see an avalanche chute on Pioneer Peak.
Also down below is the Reindeer Farm.

Sleeping Lady - also known as Mt. Susitna

Legend has it that her peaceful tribe had to go to war to defend themselves. She was to be married to a warrior who was killed in the war.  She was sleeping when the news of his death arrived at their camp.  The other women covered her with flowers so that she would sleep forever and never find out about his death.  The left side of the mountain is her head and it looks like her hair is flowing out behind her as she lays sleeping.

Matanuska River

Twin Peaks and the Knik River

Kink Glacier

Pioneer Peak

We were half way to the top at this point.

Overlooking the Knik Glacier

Reindeer Farm

Looking toward the summit - we still had a ways to hike!

Pioneer Peak in the background

Knik Glacier in the background

Knik Glacier

Eye to eye with the eagles!

It must have been nap time.  The baby is this lady's pack was absolutely asleep.

Enjoy the panoramic view with us...