Friday, September 14, 2007

Audrey Update

A blog wouldn’t be complete without pictures of grandchildren. Audrey had her first birthday on August 15.
She is walking and keeping mom and dad (Dan & Mary) on the run.
She loves the water. She gets to swim at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house every day. Dan sent me a picture of her in her Husker cheerleading outfit (which Grandma Carter bought for her) so I can have it on my phone for a screensaver.
Audrey gets a piano lesson from Grandma Rosemary every day. She is pretty good at playing the keys with one finger at a time and knows that each end of the keyboard makes a different sound.

These are pictures of Audrey in her "moose antler" hat and her Alaska t-shirt. I am sorry - I rotated the pictures before I inserted them, but the rotation doesn't stick. I still haven't figured that one out!

This is a picture of Audrey "helping" dad. Dad was fixing the doorknob on Audrey's closet and she was helping by pulling out all the clothes in her bottom drawer. How is this helping, you ask? It kept her busy so dad could work! In case you can't tell, she DOES know what to do when the camera swings her way!