Friday, September 14, 2007

Hatcher Pass & Bodenburg Butte – Sept 4

After we rested up from our flight from Seattle to Anchorage, Melanie and I decided to see some of the sights in the Mat-Su (Matanuska-Susitna) Valley. It was (another) gorgeous Alaskan day, so we went to Hatcher Pass to pick blueberries. I had heard all summer that there were zillions of them in the pass and anyone could pick them. We searched in several different places for about 40 minutes and finally came across a seasoned berry picker. She told us that the season was all but ended and that is why we couldn’t find any berries. At least I will be ready for berry picking at the end of August next year. I won’t wait for September!

That afternoon we hiked up Bodenburg Butte. If you have read my blog before, you will understand when I tell you that I learned my lesson and we came down the SAME trail as we went up. Melanie was able to see those awesome views of the mountains, rivers, the glacier, and the valley.
I learned something new on that hike. Did you know that the ear warmers that you can buy have reflective things on the sides of the ear warmers? I found that out when I looked at the picture I took of Melanie at the top of the butte. Look closely----Those white spots around her ears are the ear warmers reflectors!!

After we descended the butte, we went in search of Melanie Lane. Melanie had seen it on the map and it showed that it was nearby. We followed the map carefully and did not find it. Again, the map showed a road that went through, but it actually didn’t. We did find Melanie Lane the next day when we approached from the other direction. Anyway, what we did stumble across a moose cow and her calf. So that must have been the reason we were on that road!!