Friday, September 14, 2007

Lummi Island – September 1

Since we were not taking the ferry to Alaska, we found other sights and events near Bellingham. I found this description of the island posted by the Willows Inn:

Lummi Island near Bellingham, Washington
San Juan Islands' Pearl of Rosario Strait
If you are looking for tourist or travel information about the San Juan Islands you are fortunate to have discovered Lummi Island - an oft overlooked gem. It is the home of sustainable fisheries, historic inns, organic farms, excellent restaurants and cafes, and many artists and artisans. It is a quiet place to listen for birds as well as spotting them, and hearing Orcas splash by as they pursue their salmon meals; a place to walk the country roads for hours, engrossed in the marine views at every turn.

That pretty much sums it up. We took a 6 minute ferry ride to the island.

We attended the farmers market, the artists’ studio tour around the island and, while we were waiting for our return ferry, I went into the library book sale and bought some books. They are now waiting for me in the suburban for when I actually do get to make my long ferry trip to Alaska. At the island grocery store we bought some delicious sticky cinnamon rolls, just like Grandma Carter used to make!!!

We stopped to eat and got an outside table that faced Mount Baker.

These are some of the scenes as drove around the island.

These are the crab pots on the dock.