Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Animal Sightings - May, 2008

Doug took these pictures of the mountain goats along the Seward Highway when
he was on his way to Homer the last week of April.

There were a lot of eagles outside Doug's hotel in Homer. He was able to get a video on one of them. He said that the previous night they were putting on a real air show. He felt like he could almost reach out and touch them from the balcony of his room. We saw several eagles on our cruise, but did not get good pictures of them. (We also saw one otter, but did not get a good picture of it either).


We saw these goats along the Seward Highway when we were coming home
from our wildlife watching cruise at Seward.

We saw these orcas on our wildlife-watching cruise at Seward.


We saw LOTS of seagulls!

We saw 4-5 black bears and some mountain goats while on our cruise. You have to look carefully. The black bear is the the small black dot in the center of the photo. At one time we saw a goat grazing on the mountainside and on a nearby ledge was a black bear who was asleep. Had he known the goat was so near to him, he probably wouldn't have taken a nap!

Sea Lions

You can see how calm the waters were in the bay where we viewed the sea lions.