Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scenery on the Seward Highway - May, 2008

Mountains & clouds across the Cook Inlet. This highway goes from
Anchorage to Seward and is aptly named "The Seward Highway".

We saw dozens of waterfalls coming out of the rocks along the highway. It is like that all summer long.

The lakes have a definite green color. It is due the the glacial silt that is in the water.

Notice the cracks in the ice where "break up" is starting on this lake.

Seward is about 4 hours south of where we live. We had no snow on the ground and had have not had snow in our valley since the mid-April. At that time, we had 10-12". It was gone in two days. The temperature was 60* two days after the snowfall. Before the April snowfall, we had had no snow since the first part of February. Our valley has a relatively temperate climate compared to the rest of the state. The lakes in our area had already pretty much thawed by the time we took this trip to Seward.