Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 20 - Famers Market

On Friday I packed a lunch and picked Doug up at the office. We drove a mile to downtown Palmer. They have a Friday Fling each week. It is a market--not quite a Farmer's Market because they don't have any produce ripe yet. They have the Fling each Friday during the summer. Lots of craft and food vendors until the produce comes in season. They also had live music. We had a very enjoyable lunch. As we ate we listened to the band (they were very good), and watched the children dance to the music. As we arrived we met lots of moms, kids and baby strollers headed to the Market. We saw that they too had packed lunches and brought the kids down to enjoy a picnic and the music. We visited with some folks who took our picture and found they were from Missouri.

**Note not only the lovely day at the Market, but also the fabulous mountain backdrop. No matter which way you take a picture, the mountain view is always there!

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