Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 21 - Mt McKinley Adventure

July 21 - Mt. McKinley Adventure
I can’t believe it has taken me so long to post this one. It is one of the most awesome activities we have done. After we drove across Hatcher Pass and lunch at Willow, we headed to Talkeetna. It is a small town. Main Street is one block long. It is a main tour bus stop, however. Princess Cruises even has an office there. Our first stop was the Visitors Center. It is about 10 miles before you ever get to town. The lady there told us to be sure and watch at mile marker 5. That is where we would get the best view of Mt. McKinley from the road. She was right! As we got to MM 5, the mountain appeared ahead of us in the middle of the road. It looked as if we could drive right to it. The view quickly disappeared, as the highway twisted and turned (as they all do here). We spent the afternoon wandering around town. We also went to the river. Just beyond the Main Street is the point where three rivers merge. There were lots of people and their dogs at the river. One of the places we stopped at was a business who gave flights around Mt. McKinley. We only wanted to investigate and see what the deals were. Then we decided that we could plan for years to take a flight around McKinley and NEVER be blessed with a day like this. It was 72*, sunny and no wind. We left at 6:00 pm (remember-we had plenty of daylight left since it doesn’t get dark here). We took a two hour flight around McKinley and landed on a glacier.
See the next few posts for more photos of this adventure!