Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Glenn Highway Trip - March 9, 2008

More photos from our trip up the Glenn Highway.

Matanuska Glacier

We had lunch at a restaurant that overlooks the glacier.

Wind blowing over the passes near the Matanuska Glacier.

Long Rifle Lodge

This is where we had lunch. You can sit inside and have lunch and see a breathtaking panoramic view. On the outside, the window reflect that same view. This is me taking a picture of the reflection in the window.

This is the view across the road behind the Long Rifle Lodge, in the opposite direction as the glacier. Imagine the view the house at the top of this hill has!! This house sits on the knob that is about 1/3 of the way from the left side of the first picture below. If the first picture was enlarged, you would be able to see the house at the top of the hill.

Some of the lakes were still quite frozen over. We saw some folks ice fishing and snow machining on the rivers. It was a great day to be out for winter activities.

This is a picture of an ice hut that someone has set up on a lake.

Castle Mountain

Nelchina Glacier

These pictures are taken from a turn-off on the highway. You don't have to even get out of the car to see a glacier in Alaska!!

In Alaska it is not called spring thaw or melt. It is called "break-up". These pictures are an example of how the snow and ice "break up" and the rivers start running. This is what it looks like in some parking lots and neighborhoods too when the snow and ice start to melt and run off.

This bridge appeared to be an old railroad crossing that they just picked up and sat by the side of the road.