Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ReStart Videos - Willow 3/2/2008

This are all videos, so give them a few extra minutes to load.... :>)

The official re-start of the Iditarod is in Willow. It has been moved here to ensure better snow conditions. It is also to ensure the safety of the teams and mushers. The Mat-Su valley is growing and there are more roads, driveways and traffic in the area where it used to start (Wasilla).

These videos were all taken near the start line. We were standing at the staging area where each team stopped to wait for the one ahead of it to be started. Watch how the handlers have to pull to keep the dogs from running away.

In the first video a handler fell down. (I can relate to that, since I fell down in the training session). In the second video you can see a handler actually hanging on and dragging with the sled to keep the dogs slowed down.

Dragging handlers with sled

Anxious to get started!!