Friday, March 21, 2008

Ice Slides - March 15, 2008

I hope you enjoy watching these kids on these ice sculpture slides as much as we did in person. It is a wonderful family activity. As you can see, it is for all ages. Some of the slides were quite tall. You can see how tall they are compared to the parents who are standing at the bottom of the slides.

IceAlaska home page:

The two little girls at the end of this video has the BEST time.

Check out these same two little girls in this video. Listen to them giggle ALL the way down the slide!!!! It was like that on every slide. (The other person you hear on the video giggling at the good time little girls are having is Doug!)

Traffic jam!!

Rough & tumble!!!

Even babies can do it. As you can tell, this little one is NOT very old!

This little girl enjoyed the ice merry-go-round. She and her sister had hoods on their coats that made their faces look like little flowers.