Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ice Alaska Multi Block Sculptures

These are some of the multi-block sculptures we saw. Some of them may be a little difficult for you to see the detail because there is a light dusting of snow on the sculptures.

Each entry had a poster which showed a picture of the sculpting team and a drawing of their initial idea of what it would look like when it was finished.

*Rough Draft drawing*

*Team Picture*
(Note the drawing sketched on the ice.)

*Finished Product*

*Night Lighting*

*Another Team Picture*
(Note the sketch on the ice and also the holes that are drilled in it.
One guy is holding the drill. )

*Finished Product*

These next 4 photos are all taken of the same multi-block sculpture, Moby Dick.

Whale's Tail


Book & Spectacles

Captain Ahab & Boat on Whale's Head

*Mythical Battle*

*Under the Ice*
This one depicted walrus and polar bears above and below the ice.

See the seal poking his head through a hole in the ice underneath the polar bear's belly.

This one was a little girl looking into an aquarium. It did look 3-D. We could see the sea life and it seemed that we were looking through an aquarium window too.

*Sea lions*
The boxes that look like birdhouses are the lights.
The holes are cut in the boxes so they don't get too hot.

*Sea Monster and Ship in a Bottle*
There actually was a ship carved in the bottle.

This man was sharpening some of the features of this sculpture because it had melted.